The luxury of doing nothing. A hidden gem Ako Hot Spring

Our hotel stands at Ako Misaki on the Seto Inland Sea and
is an approximate one-hour train ride from Osaka or a two-hour drive by car.
We are proud of Ako Hot Spring that is chosen as one of the 100 Best Hot Springs in Japan and our cuisine with seafood taken right from here in Setouchi.
The only thing you will hear while staying with us in our quiet hotel is the crashing of the waves.
Gaze at the great scenery from the hot spring while the sun sets and wake up to the beautiful sun rising from the sea.
Let your mind and body completely relax at DONKAIROU and experience
the luxury of doing nothing.


1 Room Japanese-Style

1 Room Japanese-Style

This is a standard Japanese room. View the sea from your tranquil room and experience the luxury of doing nothing.
Wake up to the sunrise pouring into the room and relax on the veranda under the moonlit sky. We hope you spend a comfortable and relaxing time with us.

1 Room Japanese-Style

1 Room Japanese-Style

This is a spacious Japanese room. Enjoy a great view of the sea that will relax your mind.
The room is ideal for couples, groups or families.

2 Room Japanese-Western-Style

2 Room Japanese-Western-Style

This is a Japanese room with the living room attached. It includes a large sofa for lounging.
The room is on the corner so guests can enjoy the view from the veranda and the living room.

2 Room Japanese-Style

2 Room Japanese-Style

This is a Japanese room with two rooms jointed together. It includes a magnificent view of the Seto Inland Sea from the balcony.
Take time out to enjoy it to your heart's content during sunrise and sunset.

2 Rooms Japanese-Western-Style

2 Rooms Japanese-Western-Style

This is a Japanese room with a twin bedroom. Wake up to the grand view of the rising sun from the Seto Inland Sea.
Enjoy the view of the sea from the balcony of the Japanese room as well as a great view from the bedroom.

Annex Building

Annex Building

The annex is located a little away from the regular guestrooms.
This is the largest room type available at our hotel and is perfect for the special occasion.


Experience the bounty Setouchi offers and tastes of four seasons

Enjoy fresh seafood of Setouchi, Kobe beef, salt-encrusted sea bream and more that are a luxury your mind and body will love.
We particularly focus on our soup stock and salt used for our dishes and our cuisine brings out the maximum flavor of each ingredient.

Experience the bounty Setouchi offers and tastes of four seasons

Focus on Ingredients  commitments

Focus on Ingredients  commitments A whole sea bream from the salt shell!


Ako is an area famous for its salt. Ako solar salt has a sweet and gentle taste.
There is also algae salt of Setouchi, and we use a variety of salt that is perfect for the dish.

Salt-encrusted Sea Bream

A famous dish perfect for Ako made with our famous salt.
The sea bream with scales attached is wrapped in salt and egg white. Each design on the surface is handmade by our master chef.
The sea bream is tender and moist after cooked in the oven for an irresistible taste.


Our master chef hand-selected vegetables from specific regions such as Kyoto and Banshu.
The exquisite Japanese cuisine is colored with fresh ingredients tailored to each season to bring out the natural flavor of the ingredients.

Soup stock

We utilize a special process for creating our soup stock from well-selected ingredients.
This creates stock that is gentle on the taste buds yet has depth of flavor.


Only in the fall and winter


Ako is famous for its oysters.
Oysters are in season from the middle of November to the beginning of March.
We hope you can stay with us during this period to enjoy the tasteful oysters while in season.

About Ako Oysters

Ako oysters are mainly cultivated in the Sakoshiwan Bay area where the tides are gentle and high quality plankton are nutritious.
The oysters carefully cultivated in this perfect environment for growing turn into plump oysters with tender meat in just one year.
"One-year Ako oysters" are known for being easy to eat and not having a bitter taste. The melt-in-your-mouth flavor and refreshing scent of the sea go hand-and-hand in your mouth.
We hope you have a chance to enjoy Ako oysters with its plump and tender meat during their season.


How about a drink with your dinner?
We offer a variety of different alcoholic beverages such as beer, Japanese shochu, wine, champagne and more, including sake from the local area.
Please order it along with your meal.



Take a dip in the Ako Hot Spring Yomigaeri-no-Yu while taking in the great scenery.

Take a dip in the Ako Hot Spring Yomigaeri-no-Yu while taking in the great scenery. On clear days, guests can see the various islands dotted in the Seto Inland Sea along with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Four secrets of Ako Hot Spring

  • Certified as one of the 100 Best Hot Springs in Japan

    Ako Hot Spring was selected as one of the 100 Best Hot Springs in Japan.

  • Yomigaeri-no-Yu

    This is one of the best hot springs in Japan that has great health properties to relieve fatigue.

  • Skin beautifying effects for women

    The hot spring includes many minerals that moisturize and make skin more beautiful.

  • View of the Seto Inland Sea

    Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset from the hot spring.

Hot Spring & Baths

The best spot overlooking the Seto Inland Sea at the hotel is our open-air bath. Feel the rays of sunshine on you as the sun rises, and relax under the moonlit sky in the night.



This bath has giant windows to the sea and is surrounded by rocks. The vantage point is like a painting and guests can enjoy the changing sea scene as time passes.

Big Public Bath

Our hotel has a large bath for guests and it can be enjoyed together with our other baths.
*The large bath does not use water from the hot spring.




  • Front


    Check-in15:00(Last 23:00)


    Welcome to DONKAIROU. The front desk is on your left when you enter the hotel. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have an issue. The front desk has pamphlets on sightseeing areas around Ako and Himeji. Please take one.

  • Lobby


    Free Wi-Fi

    Guests can see the Seto Inland Sea from the lobby. Our hotel has a drink area (free) so guests can relax while drinking a cup of coffee or herb tea. Guests can use Wi-Fi in the lobby free of charge.

  • Sit Down Area [Hinata]

    Sit Down Area [Hinata]

    Opening hours15:00~20:00 / 7:00~10:00

    Our hostess provides hand-selected drinks free of charge to guests as you relax on the round-shaped tatami in the Hinata, a sit down area. This is a wonderful area to enjoy the sunset and sunrise as time slowly passes by.

  • Restaurant


    Breakfast and dinner are provided in our restaurant on the second floor. Seating is at western-style tables. The space can also be used for banquets so please inquire for more details.

  • Big Public Bath & Private Bath

    Big Public Bath & Private Bath

    Guests can view the sea from the large bath.
    *Advance reservation is required for the private bath. *The large bath and private bath do not use hot spring water.

  • Hotspring


    Ako Hot Spring is one of the 100 Best Hot Springs in Japan and a perfect place to enjoy the magnificent views. The hot spring itself has beautifying elements and is called Yomigaeri-no-Yu.
    *The use of the Japanese cypress, rock bath and large rock bath are changed daily for men and women.

  • Gift Shop Gift Shop

    Gift Shop

    Opening hours8:00~21:00

    Ako is famous for its salt. In addition to Ako salt, we also have a number of souvenirs from Okayama and Himeji. We particularly recommend the salt-flavored manju from Mishimaya.


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 Arriving By Car

 Arriving By Car

 if Arriving By Train

 if Arriving By Train

*It is an approximate 10-minute drive by taxi from Banshu-Ako Station (Approximately 25 minutes from Aioi Station).

 if Arriving By Airplane

if Arriving By Airplane

Free Shuttle Bus

Reservation required for free shuttle bus

How to make a reservation Fill in the remarks column of the reservation form, or
Reserve by phone at least one day in advance (Phone: 0791-42-6601)
Times & Location Banshu-Ako Station - DONKAIROU 15:40, 16:40
DONKAIROU - Banshu-Ako Station 09:30, 10:10
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